What I’m Doing Now

Updated 3rd May 2023, from my home in Sydney, Australia. Added this page following Derek Sivers’ advice here

Writing first short story/novella

After blogging and writing non-fiction for a while, I’ve decided to give fiction writing a try this year based on a friend’s advice, in the hopes of finding purpose, mastery and self-expression through the arduous challenge that is storytelling.

Progress has been slow so far as I fight back my perfectionistic tendencies and procrastination, but I’m enjoying the creative process and discovering my emotional self through it at the same time.

I have a rough outline for the story ready, and now all that’s left is for me to write the first draft.

What’s it about? I won’t spoil it, but this prompt was the basis for my idea and the story’s protagonist – someone who gives great advice, but his own life is in ruin.

Reading fiction

Part of writing my first novel, I’m also reading more fiction than I’ve ever read since my childhood.

The last decade of my life was all about self-development and serving my intellect. Now I plan to switch the focus to growing my emotional self and gain inspiration for my writing through fiction.

I’m only listening to non-fiction as audiobooks nowadays, given the considerable amount of fluff they generally have.

Currently reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King.

Also listening to Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, which is absolutely phenomenal.

Current favourite authors are John Steinbeck and Leo Tolstoy (and are probably going to remain that way).

Less social media, more introspection

I’m starting to realize how much of my values, desires, goals and fears – essentially my entire life is run by the others. Their values. Their desires. Their goals. Their fears.

How did I get programmed? Through the content I consume, mainly social media.

Although I’m careful about social media in general, YouTube is a big time sink for me. While it’s where I’ve learnt the most, I think I’ve reached a point of diminishing returns with it, and now it only serves as a distraction on my journey towards my authentic self.

I’m making it a focus to be more intentional with my social media consumption and spend more time in introspection through walking, writing, journaling and meditation.

I’ve realized that I have the answers to my problems within myself, and I just need to give them the time and space to arise. The benefit? The answers will be true to me, and will move me towards my authentic self, rather than away.

Trip to India

I’m heading to India for a friend’s wedding in the end of June! Very excited because it’s the first time any of my close friends are getting married, and its surreal to join someone you deeply care for in celebrating a milestone as grand as this.

Will be heading to Hyderabad (4 days), Dehradun (1 day), Ladakh (4 days) and Delhi (1 day) as part of the trip while I’m at it, and stop over at Thailand (3 days) on the way! (Because why not?)