I’m Tanmay. Welcome to my online home! 👋

I chose to start this blog to move from being a consumer to a creator. This is my place to learn and share ideas I believe in, build a consistent writing habit and make friends. 🙂

If you’re into self-development, concious living and tech, you’ll feel right at home here.

People who live consciously, cultivate a growth mindset and realise their potential can create abundance for themselves and the world. Wouldn’t you want to live in that world?

My writing is a step toward that vision.

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A little about me

💻 I’m a senior software engineer at Xero, a New Zealand-based accounting SaaS.

🎓 I graduated with a software engineering degree from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2021.

🌏 I moved to Sydney in 2016 with my family but was born in New Delhi, India.

My interests

🌄 I’m a (not-so) guilty self-help junkie – constantly consuming self-development content and connecting with like-minded people.

💪 I love health and fitness. I started with callisthenics movements at 18 and never looked back. I’ve moved to a combination of boxing, weight training, jump rope, and basketball nowadays.

📖 I’m a voracious reader. Been reading ever since my childhood, and it’s turned my life around. I ventured into the world of non-fiction when I picked up “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera in 8th grade from my dad’s bookshelf. The rest is history.

🧘‍♀️ In 2020, I set up a meditation routine based on a friend’s advice. Now it’s one of my keystone habits.

✍ Writing online and building bootstrapped tech businesses are both things I’m learning and am keen to explore!

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