O Luminous One

O luminous One

The One who blinds me by his Light

You led me atop this mountain

But the promised end is not in sight

My clothes tattered, my body weak

Bludgeoned by desires and self-hate

Escape from these demons I seek

No more can I wait

Yet in my heart there’s a knowing

You’ve never led me asunder

My faith in you forever growing

I’ll brave through hell and thunder

Out of the corner of my eye, I spy

My reflection in a mirror, as a child

Eyes of love and joy, a boundless supply

A familiar Light in them I find

I lay my fingers upon the mirror

The world dissolves into a new sight

To my left, flows a peaceful river

A pathless path, to my right

O luminous One

Who’s Fire in my belly burns bright

Rain upon your son

Courage for the journey that invites

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