Weekly Digest 🧠 #1

👋 Morning Friends

I’m so excited to bring you the first edition of my weekly digest!

I’m still experimenting with the content I want to share, but for now, I’ll be bringing you the best ideas, wisdom and learnings that I discover on the internet and in my life.

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📖 Books I’m Reading

Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers. This one is a great starter read if you abhor the idea of reading a book. It’s essentially a collection of insightful short articles from Derek Sivers on living a more meaningful life.

I was feeling strangely disconnected from my Indian roots, so I’ve picked up The Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran. Would recommend this version over the more popular ISKCON version if you’re looking for an unbiased interpretation.

🔗 Insightful Links

Definitely give James Clear’s Stay On The Bus a read if you’re interested in creative work, but don’t think you have any original ideas.

Ali Abdaal on building an online business from scratch is an awesome resource of actionable tips if you’re looking to do your own thing.

I loved Derek Siver’s advice in doing what you love and making good money for people looking to be creative sustainably.

My First Million’s podcast episode on the concept of 40 hour work weeks and alternatives.

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