Weekly Digest 🧠 #13

👋 Hey friends

We are so obsessed with consuming information nowadays – books, videos, podcasts, social media, and the list goes on and on. But I’ve one medium to be far better than the rest. What’s that?

It’s reading.

Simply because reading is a skipping stone towards living more consciously. Let me explain.

Reading will help you write better because it puts you in the company of the best writers in the world, and we learn the fastest from good company.

Writing will help you think better because it forces you to articulate your otherwise mangled and chaotic thoughts into something coherent and succinct, which can be understood and distributed. You’ll reckon with areas you might have lacked clarity on, and it’ll force you to add depth and structure to your thoughts and words.

And finally, thinking more clearly and more consciously helps you make better decisions in your life, and what is your life if not a giant decision tree?

Of course, reading in isolation won’t give you the result you seek. But it’s undoubtedly a fine way to start. 📖

To thinking better 🧠

😍 My Favourite Links

📃 Article – In this post, Lawrence Yao talks about the unique concept of the release-ratio and how you can use it to start to synthesize all the knowledge you consume by producing something with it.

📚 Course – I loved this short video course from Daniel Vassallo on growing a Twitter audience and look forward to applying its insights. It helps that it is on a Black Friday sale currently, making it an excellent deal!

🎤 Podcast – This episode of the Tim Ferris podcast was interesting because it was a throwback to the origins of the Four-Hour Workweek idea. In it, Tim gives a presentation summarising all the key ideas from his musings on lifestyle design. Highly recommend it if you want a high-level understanding of it without having to read his massive books.

📚 Book – Enjoying this book from Steph Smith about writing online and everything that goes with it in today’s world. I’m taking away a lot of insights on improving my blog and my writing practice from it, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.

💭 Quote of The Week

Focus less on consuming as much information as possible and more on cultivating the deepest possible understanding of the ideas that resonate with you most.” 
— David Perell

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