Weekly Digest 🧠 #17

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Last week, I took away a very eye-opening insight from one of’s videos – Learning = Behaviour Change which I’d love to share with you.

Leo says that real learning only takes place when your behaviour has changed in some tangible way. While this might sound simple, when applied correctly, this insight will drastically improve how much growth you experience from your self-improvement and learning efforts.

A straightforward way to apply this insight is to ask yourself this question after any activity you intended to learn from – watching a video, taking a class, reading a book, an insightful conversation, etc. 👇

“How will this information change my behaviour?”

Once you’ve got the answer, write it in your journal.

A good example from my life after listening to Leo’s video was:

“I am going to reflect and write down concrete ways to take action on information I consume by writing it in my journal from now.”

Having done this a couple of times, I’ve realized that the mind loves to make abstractions and generalizations upon receiving information. Rarely are these abstractions concrete enough to take action upon, so you fool yourself into thinking that you’re making progress.

If you cannot articulate the answer to that question, you’ve learnt nothing.

More importantly, if you don’t act on the answer to that question, you’ve learnt nothing – just incurred opportunity cost by wasting time you could’ve better spent enjoying your life.

To learning through action 💪
— Tanmay

😍 My Favourite Links

📃 Article – After reading How To Get Started Sharing Content Online by Stewart Hillhouse, I realized that being original with your content is not nearly as important as being original with your delivery. If you’ve held yourself back from sharing things in the past for lack of originality, this one will help you question that belief.

🎥 Video – This one on the Power of Asking Questions from Actualized showed me the power of asking yourself high-quality questions along with 100+ examples to start with. Leo says that the answers to your biggest challenges are within yourself, and questions are a powerful tool you can use to extract them.

🎤 Podcast – Dopamine, Mindset and Drive is Andrew Huberman’s most popular podcast episode, and rightly so. In this one, he breaks down the neuroscience of how the drive, fulfilment and meaning centres of our brains work, all relying on the body’s careful regulation of one biochemical – dopamine. Heaps of practical tools to take away to make your life more driven and fulfilling.

📃 Article – If you’re contemplating what you want out of life, Julian Shapiro’s How to Choose What To Spend Your Life Doing will give you a solid framework for thinking and solving this problem for yourself. I’m yet to do the exercises he suggests, but I’m very excited for the insights I’ll get from them.

💭 Quote of The Week

You should arrive at answers on your own, not rely upon what you get from someone else. Answers from others are nothing more than stopgap measures; they’re of no value.

— Ichiro Kishimi, The Courage To Be Disliked

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