Weekly Digest 🧠 #11

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I wanted to share an idea I came across in an article I read earlier this week about what factors make a fulfilling and inspired career, and the role money plays in the equation.

The author states that while dangling the proverbial carrot of money results in greater productivity and performance in jobs with mundane, pre-defined and routine tasks, the prospect of more money in the jobs that require creative and abstract thinking (most knowledge work today) correlates to lower productivity. Strange.

It turns out that the less the work correlates with your innate personality, mental faculties and skills, the more you will attempt to find fulfilment through external motivators like money, status and fame.

What factors lead to higher productivity and fulfilment for jobs we’re going to work in our lives? Let’s unpack them:

  1. Autonomy – Expression of your ideas and direction at work
  2. Purpose – Working towards a meaningful and worthwhile goal
  3. Mastery – Skill acquisition, learning and continuous improvement

The exciting part is that all of the above can be found at organizations that may not pay the most and are potentially less competitive to get into. On the other hand, jobs which handsomely may be completely devoid of those three factors, extremely competitive to get and can completely ruin your levels of joy and fulfilment.

Improving your judgment and knowing which factors matter most in making work more meaningful and fulfilling is the only solution to the problem. Before asking yourself which job pays more, ask yourself which job will give you more autonomy, purpose and mastery.

To better decisions ⚖

😍 My Favourite Links

🎥 Video – This video from was reasonably practical, unlike some of his more esoteric videos. He discusses why consciously fulfilling some of your materialistic desires may benefit you on your self-development journey rather than hinder you, unlike popular advice. One of the few videos in the recent past which have got me rethinking my way of living. 💭

🎤 Podcast – If you’re looking for a simplistic and straightforward explanation of some popular emerging technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and NFTs and their use cases, this episode from the Not Overthinking podcast is a great watch.

📃 Article – I loved this one from Chris Dixon for the insightful career strategy he recommends for young, ambitious people looking to succeed in their careers. If you’re someone who thinks unconsciously climbing the corporate ladder is the only way, this may change your mind.

🎥 Video – This one from Sandeep Maheshwari is an exploration of the concept of freedom. Does it exist? If it does, is there only one kind of freedom, or are there degrees of freedom? Sandeep runs a brainstorming session with three participants and arrives at a potential answer along with a strategy to get there.

💭 Quote of The Week

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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