Weekly Digest 🧠 #10

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So often, the journey to your goals can seem long and arduous. A journey of a thousand steps. Just the thought of starting makes you sweat. 

Want to get in shape? Umm… I’m going to have to get a gym membership. I’ll have to research a good workout routine. I’ll have to fix my diet. I’ll have to buy workout gear. I’ll have to learn the proper form… Aargh, screw it. It’s too much work. I’ll do it when I have more time.

So you quit… before you even started. Sound familiar?

I’ve been the same way in the past. I’ve always wanted to do something entrepreneurial, something creative. But I thought there was so much I didn’t know, so much I had to prepare before I could be ready.

Almost as if the passage of time would magically bestow upon me the key to entrepreneurial wisdom and success.

Well… it didn’t. All it did was make me lose precious time and fill me with regret.

Luckily my sense of urgency kicked in, and I decided to take the first step and set up a personal website, knowing nothing about writing online. Almost magically, a friend of seeing it pointed me to other blogs he read, which I used as inspiration to proceed with my next step.

Somehow that kept happening at every step. Each step forward revealed the path to the next – in the form of content, ideas, inspiration, people, tips and tricks.

It wasn’t a grind anymore. It was a dance with reality. Now I have a thousand different ideas on expanding upon the skills I’m learning on this path.

All made possible with the simple act of taking the first step.

Don’t underestimate the power of randomness and serendipity in the seemingly deterministic lives we lead. Realise this power by fearlessly taking the first step towards your goals and trusting that the rest will figure themselves out.

Nothing worth having can be had easily. So don’t forfeit before entering the battlefield.

Have a fantastic week ahead 👊

😍 My Favourite Links

🐦 Tweet – This excellent thread from Ankur Warikoo talks about the 11 truths about discovering your passion. While I was familiar with some of the ideas he discusses here, it reaffirmed my thoughts on passion and finding fulfilling work. If you’re currently on the path of discovering your life’s work, this one’s for you.

🎥 Video – Although this video by Better Ideas might be the 1000th one I’ve watched on tackling procrastination, I loved the simplicity of the 3-2-1 rule he talks about and have used it to good effect over the last week. A solid watch for all you procrastinators out there.

🎤 Podcast – In this episode of the Tim Ferris Show, Naval Ravikant, Chris Dixon, and Tim Ferris talk about the upcoming web 3.0 revolution, its ramifications and how to take advantage of what might be the greatest wealth creation event we’ll witness in our lives.

🐦 Tweet – In this thread, Daniel Vassallo discusses the two distinct career types and how to play to win on both paths. A must-read for people embarking on non-linear and creative career paths.

💭 Quote of The Week

Most people die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70.” 
— Benjamin Franklin

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