Weekly Digest 🧠 #9

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During most of our lives, we are climbing a ladder of some sort. Trying to get someplace we aren’t currently. It could be at work, in creative pursuits, relationships or your health. We’re constantly undertaking some pain in the present for potential reward in the future.

But how often we do ask ourselves about the foundations of our goals and desires? Why do you even want the thing that you want?

Surely this is a reasonable question to ask.

You might discover that the things you want aren’t coming from you but years of societal conditioning and programming instead.

Or you might discover that there might be a more direct path of getting there – one with much less suffering and much more joy in the process.

The value of introspection for big life decisions like choosing your career, your future spouse, where you live, etc., is exponentially higher. You’ll be climbing those ladders for a long time, so you better make sure it has a solid wall backing it – one built from high-quality materials and sources you wholeheartedly trust. A weak wall will give in and take you down with it over time.

The foundation is everything. Build it with the simple tool of introspection.

The right ladder against the wrong wall is still the wrong ladder.

Have a fantastic week ahead 👊

😍 My Favourite Links

📃 Article – This one from James Clear talks about how your life could change by consuming less and creating more, just like it did for prisoners of war.

🎥 Video – This TED Talk with Adam Grant had several counterintuitive insights about how revolutionary thinkers think, including how the best entrepreneurs are more risk-averse than you’d think. A great watch to find your mental blind spots and turn them into advantages.

🎤 Podcast – This one reminded me of the merits of personal blogging and why I started down this path. Great ideas if you’d like to start your own someday!

🐦 Tweet – I loved this one from Naval talking about the best foundation for a fulfilling career.

💭 Quote of The Week

Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz

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